Introducing the new SafeLink Wireless Monitoring System from Enerpac

The SafeLink monitoring system is a world class wireless solution that enables operators of machining centers to monitor fixture 压力 and clamp position in real time even when parts are being machined. The system can also be used to verify that the operator has properly pressurized the fixture before it is sent inside the machining center. If the fixture 压力 or clamp position is lost, the SafeLink system enables the machine control to initiate the appropriate action, which can include alarming or interrupting the machining process, before expensive damages occur.

SAFE LINK system consists of 2.4 GHz wireless radios to allow a SEND unit mounted on the fixture to communicate with a RECEIVE unit that interfaces with the machine control to monitor fixture 压力 or clamp position at all times. A 压力 switch for 压力 monitoring or a limit switch for position sensing is typically used with the SEND unit. The RECEIVE unit communicates with the machine control though a standard 24 VDC output and Modbus RTU RS-485 communication protocol- An Ethernet TCP/IP communication option is also available.


SafeLink Wireless Monitoring Product Information



Features of SafeLink

  • Fixture mounted “SEND” unit uses wireless communication to monitor 压力 and/or clamp position
  • 2.4 GHz Frequency Band for global acceptance
  • “SEND” units are internally powered by a replaceable 3.6 VDC Lithium battery – provides up to 3-year battery life
  • “SEND” units are sealed to IP-67 for protection from contamination and coolant
  • “SEND” units are easily reassigned to a different “RECEIVE” unit so fixtures can be moved between machines
  • No limit to the number of systems used in a production area
  • "Frequency Hopping” used for signal stability even in busy production environments
  • LED lights for visual status indication
  • LCD Display window for set-up and status display
  • 24VDC output, Modbus RTU RS-485, and Ethernet TCP/IP communication options.